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Mount Your TV

Whether your priority is to maximize room space, secure your TV from accidental tipping or create a stylish focal point, this simple guide will help you to select the right AVF TV Wall Mount for your needs.

Where Do you Want to Mount?

AVF Mounts come in several different functions, meaning that wherever you want to mount a TV, we have a mount for you.

TV Size & Weight

TV Wall Mounts are available in different size options, based primarily on screen size. Screen sizes that are compatible with a mount will be shown boldly on the packaging or listed in the online product description.

Another important consideration is the weight of your TV. AVF mounts are subjected to rigorous weight testing, however you should not exceed the weight limit indicated on products.

VESA Fixing Size

VESA refers to four circular threaded holes, positioned in a square/rectangular pattern on the back of most TVs. VESA ‘size’ is the distance in millimetres, between these holes. Measured horizontally, then vertically, from hole centre to hole centre. All AVF TV Mounts have compatible VESA sizes listed on the back of the packaging, if in doubt you can check the product data on this website.

Wall Type

It is also important to consider the type of wall you are mounting your TV on. It is your responsibility to ensure that the wall is suitable to support your screen. If in doubt, please consult a qualified professional..

Solid Wall, or Plasterboard with Wood Studs
Most AVF TV Wall Mounts include fixings for solid walls and wood studs. Be sure to use a stud finder to find studs and to ensure there are no pipes or wiring where you intend to drill.

Plasterboard (No Studs), Dot & Dab or Any Other Wall Type
We recommend UNIMAX Any Wall Mounts ONLY
AVF UNIMAX products will work on any wall type, including plasterboard without wall studs. Specialized fixings are also included for Dot & Dab walls.

Add the Finishing Touch

We supply a variety of accessories to help complete your TV mount installation:

Cable Management
Organise and hide cables with our sleek cable management solutions. Browse Cable Management.

AV Shelving
Our AV shelving products allow you to save even more space by mounting shelves for DVD players, games consoles and most other set-top boxes underneath your TV. Browse Shelving

Speaker & Soundbar Mounts
Mount your surround sound speaker setup to floor stands or your walls, or mount your soundbar directly undermeath your mounted TV with our range of speaker mounts. Browse Speaker Mounts