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There are several key areas to consider when planning to wall mount a TV

TV Compatibility

TV Size & Weight

Maximize room space, secure your TV from accidental tipping or create a stylish focal point.

Another important consideration is the weight of your TV. AVF mounts are subjected to rigorous weight testing, however you should not exceed the weight limit indicated on products.


VESA refers to four circular threaded holes, positioned in a square/rectangular pattern on the back of most TVs.

VESA ‘size’ is the distance in millimetres, between these holes. Measured horizontally, then vertically, from hole centre to hole centre.

All AVF TV Mounts have compatible VESA sizes listed on the back of the packaging, if in doubt you can check the products data on this website.

Learn more about VESA in our Quality and Safety section

TV Position

Flat to Wall

Flat to Wall TV Mounts are designed with slim profiles that enable TVs to be positioned flush with the wall and are best viewed at or around eye level.


Wall mounts with a tilt function can be used to avoid screen glare from windows or other light sources. They can also be used to create improved viewing angles for TVs mounted above eye level.

Multi Position

Multi-Position TV Wall Mounts are the most flexible mounts available. Screens can be positioned neatly against the wall, or pulled out and turned to be viewed from almost any angle. (ideal for mounting in corners).

Installing a TV Wall Mount

Installing a TV Wall Mount is as easy as putting up a shelf. Easy to follow installation instructions are included with each product.

As easy as 1-2-3

Many AVF mounts come pre-assembled so installation is a simple.

Step 1

Attach the TV plate to your TV. Always start with the TV. If there is a compatibility issue at this point, you have not drilled the wall.

Step 2

Simply screw the wall plate to the wall. (Please ensure you take the correct safety precautions when using power tools)

Step 3

Hang the TV by securely hooking the TV and wall plates together.

Wall Type Advice


You can find advice about where in your room to position your TV on our planning page, but it is also important to consider the type of wall you are mounting your TV on.

Drywall & Plasterboard

Do not mount onto drywall/plasterboard or panelled walls unless all wall plate screws are fixed into a wooden batten/stud OR you have an AVF UNIMAX Wall Mount.

Look for the UNIMAX logo on compatible products

Check the strength

Check the strength of the installation before installing the screen and if you have any doubts regarding installation please consult a qualified contractor.

Use a Stud-Finder

Use a stud-finder to find wooden battens/studs and to ensure there are no hidden pipes or wires behind where you intend to drill.

Brickwork & Solid Masonry

When fixing to brickwork or solid masonry use suitable wall plugs and screws.

Final point

It is your responsibility to ensure the wall structure and fixings are capable of supporting the screen and mount in a normal working environment.

Quality & Safety

Quality and safety are paramount in the design and manufacture of our products. Our products are designed to be functional, attractive and innovative but with adherence to standards.


The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) has defined a family of standards for mounting flat panel monitors and TVs.

Each VESA standard relates to the distance in millimetres between screw holes on the back of VESA compliant monitors and TVs.

All AVF flat panel TV mounts are VESA compliant and specify the range of VESA sizes they will fit. Many of our products also fit Non-VESA compliant monitors and TVs.

Product Testing

Rigorous internal quality procedures at our design and manufacture stages are supplemented by independent third party testing, leading to quality and safety accreditations.

Consumer Technology Association

AVF is a proud member of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), a trade organization and industry authority on legislative news, market research, engineering standards and more.


All AVF TV Wall Mounts sold in John Lewis come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. These will be honoured as long as the product is owned by the original consumer purchaser. Proof of purchase is required.

TV Mount Warranty

Where a product has no warranty listed, AVF will honour local laws. Proof of purchase is required.